‘Back to purity, back to simplicity.’ — Dieter Rams.

These days, ‘organic’ is a buzzword that’s thrown around with other buzzwords like ‘bespoke,’ ‘free-range’ and ‘sugar-free’; buzzwords that exist to stop you from looking at the label. Despite what buzzword-loving marketers would have you believe, skincare that is truly organic, sustainable and chemical-free is hard to find.

Combining the potency of nature with the precision of science, VOI is bringing ‘organic’ back to its original meaning.

With an ingredients list that is plant-based and an approach to formulation that is founded on transparency, VOI is more than a skincare range; it is a return to nature and an attempt to rectify some of the damage we do to ourselves daily.


Why is it that we can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, get a bouquet of flowers arranged on the spot, yet fresh skincare is nowhere to be found? Whatever goes on your skin ends up in your body. Just the same as fresh food is better for you, skincare is at its best when it’s newly produced.

Because all our products are small-batch and made-to-order, they are not sitting in a warehouse. Their ‘shelf life’ begins and ends with you.


VOI does not make lotions (which can contain mostly water) instead it uses high concentrations of potent certified organic plant oils, hydrosols, butters, essential oils and extracts to make skincare concentrates. The advantage of a concentrate is that it puts you in total control. You are able to adjust each application to your skin care needs in the moment. At drier skin times you can use VOI as a full, creamy concentrate, or dampen your skin first to get the desired lotion effect when you don’t need VOI’s full richness. The end result is always skin that is nourished, soothed, repaired and hydrated.

VOI means ‘you.’ Take the first step to reclaiming your skin.


Waste reduction and sustainability not just buzz words that we throw around, it is the foundation of what we do. Our small-batch and fresh-to-order approach to distribution means no waste, as we do not carry stock that goes out of date and subsequently becomes landfill.

All products are packaged in dark glass amber jars, or aluminium tins, so that the precious ingredients are protected from light deterioration and are also free from potential contaminants and toxic substances. Also we use pure organic essential oils and these should never be stored in plastic containers, as some properties in essential oils can break down plastic.

And of course they are recyclable! Our lids are BPA-free plastic and our aluminium canisters can be recycled once you have finished with them. If you return your jars and canisters, we are happy to recycle them for you. If you can’t, then we encourage you to re-use them.

Our business cards, tags and information are printed on 100% recycled unbleached paper with environmentally-friendly printing inks. All our products are packaged in recycled brown-kraft carry bags.

Finally, when packaging your order we use Greenwrap Eco-Friendly Protective packaging material. This paper is 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable, and is manufactured using either SFI (sustainable forestry Initiative) certified or recycled content.


With a background in Naturopathy, Nutritional medicine, Herbal medicine and Aromatherapy, Voi’s founder, Natalie Woodman has been creating skincare since she was a teenager. Many a weekend was spent with her sisters and friends in the kitchen mixing ingredients found in the fridge, fruit bowl or pantry to use on the face or body. While there were a few epic failures there were a lot of wins!

Natalie is passionate about the environment, purity and organics. Anyone that knows Natalie, knows that she is determined and when faced with not being able to buy fresh Organic skincare, decided to create it herself. The result is VOI, a range of skincare that is…

  • Hand-blended with Certified Organic (ACO/USDA) plant oils, butters, hydrosols, extracts and pure essential oils.
  • Guaranteed at maximum freshness.
  • Developed as a concentrate, for maximum potency.
  • Formulated, on request, to work around specific plant allergies and intolerances.
  • Free from synthetic compounds.
  • Formulated to do away with superfluous, ‘specialized’ products, keeping your skincare routine simple.
  • Tested on humans, not animals.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging.