Cutting edge Scientific research strongly supports a strong Gut Microbiome as the very best indicator – ‘The Holy Grail’ – of human health, overall wellness and resistance to disease. And my clinical work with clients; and some of the incredible health turnarounds they’ve experienced, fully supports these findings.

The GUT REBALANCING PROTOCOL has previously only been available to private clinic patients but now is available to you.

If you have digestive or weight issues, no energy, mood swings, an autoimmune condition, aches and pains or suffer from a health condition then the Gut Rebalancing Protocol is an important first step to reaching optimal health. This protocol works to RESTORE and REBALANCE your Gut Microbiome: your Inner Garden. The stronger and more diverse your Inner Garden; the healthier you are.

SIMPLY PUT… When your Gut Microbiome struggles, you struggle. When it flourishes, you flourish.

Give ME 56-Days and I will give YOU back your Health…

No more cravings, out of control appetite or food addictions                                                     Balanced moods

Improved digestion, say goodbye to bloating and digestive complaints                                     Clear radiant skin

A slimmer, healthier you. Effortlessly lose weight with no feeling of deprivation                         A stronger immunity

A new found energy, I dare say… vibrant energy!                                                                       Sleep better than you have in years

Eliminate or reduce your allergies                                                                                               A reduced risk for chronic diseases

Greater ease of movement without aches and pains

Self-Starter Plan… 

Already have a pretty healthy diet, but just not seeing the results? Or worse – actually gaining weight or experiencing digestive and other health issues?  If you want a clear, research-backed protocol with the essential nutritional tweaks, a clear, logically structured roadmap and the knowledge that will power you through and secure those health gains you know you should be getting, then this is your plan.

Includes*: 8 Weeks of Meal plans, Shopping Lists, 80+ Gut Rebalancing Recipes, Online Facebook Support Group (10wks) for Nutritional and Naturopathic Expert Advice, Personal Health Assessment & Goal Setting Sheet, Weekly Education Podcast, Plant Based Essentials Recipe E-Book with 32 Recipes and Fermentation for Health E-Book.

Personal Plan…

Have a health condition, carrying excess weight for some time, or been on a course (or multiple courses) of antibiotics? Tried any number of things to feel better but to no avail? There IS a way through this. This plan includes* all the elements of the Self-Starter Plan PLUS Initial Consultation with Comprehensive Health Analysis (In person or by Skype), 2 x Follow Up Consultations (4th & 8th week) and prescribing of Therapeutic Probiotics for Microbiome Recovery.

Coaching Plan…

“There’s a big difference between knowing what you should do and actually doing it” – this is where Coaching comes in. This plan includes* all the elements of the Personal Plan PLUS Weekly Coaching calls to keep you motivated and accountable, Unlimited email support and a complete revamp of your kitchen and pantry* to set you up for life. Do something healthy for yourself – I promise you that your life and health will improve dramatically, forever.

This plan is only available to Perth, W.A. clients. Pantry Makeover has a 40km from CBD radius, but can travel up to 70km from CBD at an extra charge of $1 per km each way. Pantry/Kitchen makeover does not include jars, labels etc but advice on where to buy is provided.

Includes* Membership PLANS are for the person who purchased the Protocol. However, if you are cooking for you and your partner, or family, with the Protocol recipes then this is fine. Please note that only the person who bought the Protocol has access the Voi Clinic Support Group. If you would like to purchase a Support Group Only Subscription for a family member at $70 for 10 weeks, then this can be organized.




“I signed up for the 5-day Raw Reboot and then soon after the Protocol…I have found not only have I felt better, slept better, skin is so much brighter, (and lost 5 kilo to date and being menopausal I think this is a huge achievement…nothing else has assisted me with my symptoms 👍). Whilst I have not yet managed to follow the Protocol 100%…it has given me the inspiration to go 80% vegan and the other 20% vegetarian…your advice has been invaluable! Much appreciated Nat Xx” – Melissa (50’s)

“Week 5 and already feel so much better. Energy levels up and no more brain fog. But had the best news yesterday in that all my blood tests results are normal… more high inflammatory markers… it’s not all in the mind!!! Woohoo 🎉” – Harriet (52)

“I felt FATIGUED AND BLOATED all the time, with no energy… headaches… I needed to lose weight, as the doctor diagnosed me as being pre-diabetic. I wanted to feel better and get back to being fit and healthy. The Gut Rebalancing program gave me a good start as it guided me with meal plans, shopping lists and recipes. After 4 weeks I lost 5.8kg, have no headaches, bloating is gone, and I have so much energy. A lot of people tell me I am looking good and have lost weight. I’m a walking recommendation for your program.” – Anthea (53)

“Hi Natalie, Day 7 today, mostly going well, just getting headaches in between meals and snacks. Also, I’ve have lost almost 3kg in a week and wouldn’t want to lose any more weight, thanks for your advice.” – Danyel (34)

“Week one done! Lost 2 kg so far, cravings are still there but it’s worth it once you start seeing some results. Really love the recipes that Natalie has created for this program.” – Mika (21)

“Loved doing the gut rebalancing protocol – once I did the prep before starting I found it easy to follow the protocol. I religiously stuck to it for the first 4 weeks and had some great results – lost weight was less bloated had more energy and didn’t crave the bad foods which was my main reason for doing the plan in the first place. The next 4 weeks I think I indulged a little 2 much on the sourdough bread and that so restated the protocol again to kick the cravings for good 👍🏻👍🏻 Some days were tough combating the sugar withdrawals but perseverance and determination and it’s all worth it 🤗🤗 – Ash, Breastfeeding Mum to 5-month old (32)

“Week 1 – The meals have been delicious and very filling.  I am eating things I have never tried before such as fennel.  Still need to get my water up to 2+ litres, but I have improved my levels greatly from what I have been drinking.  I feel in great hands and find you (Natalie) friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth.  One key factor is that I now feel in control.  I was eating mindlessly because I didn’t have a goal and didn’t want to change my lifestyle.  That has changed, and I am looking forward to the future and being in good health. My gut feels great. My husband and I have followed the plan 100%.  I am not missing the meat or alcohol.” – Anne (63)

“I really love reading the posts from our Private Support Group and find it inspiring and comforting to have others around going through the same process. I am over the moon to have finally found an awesome protocol for my gut health!!! Thank you, Natalie, for putting together all the fantastic information about food/stress and the gut. I just LOVE it. It finally feels like I am actually doing something to move towards a happy healthier body. I am on my second week (it took me a few weeks before plunging in). I love the recipes and the time taken to cook from scratch which helps me to slow down. I have found I have less food cravings. Keeping my eye on the end goal. Looking forward to each week and learning more about my gut biome and how to keep them healthy (and me happy).” – Chris (44)

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