OCD Spray


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  • One convenient Cleaning Spray for every surface
  • Beautiful clean natural aroma
  • Easy refillable from concentrate
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable, no waste
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, deodorising & sanitising

Healthy for your home, healthy for your family. Made with food grade ingredients, this safe, non-toxic, eco-loving ORGANIC CLEANING DO-IT ALL (OCD) SPRAY is effective on everything from floors to pillows. Nature’s own clean, green line-up: Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antiseptic, sanitising & deodorising.

Buy a single empty Spray Bottle, or a few to keep handy in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet!

Save your health, save the planet – Designed to be refilled so you don’t throw away the Spray Bottle.
Pour 1 capful of Voi OCD Concentrate into your OCD SPRAY bottle and top with filtered water. Shake before using.

• KITCHEN: Cuts through grease, dirt and grime.
• BATHROOM: All surfaces. For stubborn stains mix into a paste with bicarbonate of soda & scrub clean.
• TOILETS: Spray toilet seat and wipe, spray bowl and let dry naturally.
• MOULD: Spray, leave for 20-mins, then wipe clean.
• FLOORS (Wood, lino, tiles): Pour 1 cup of diluted mix, from spray bottle, into a bucket and add 2ltrs of boiling water to mop floors.
• LAUNDRY: As a disinfectant & freshener, place ½ cup of diluted mix in the rinse dispenser.
• DISINFECT/ELIMINATE ODOURS: Spray, leave on a few minutes then wipe clean.
• GLASS/MIRRORS: Spray & wipe clean with newspaper or microfibre cloth for a streak free finish.
• PILLOWS/MATTRESS/BEDDING: Kills dust mites, Hold 20cm away & spray. Let dry.
• PLASTIC/LEATHER/WOOD: Removes dust and dirt.
• WALLS: Spray and wipe to remove marks.
• CAR: Spray on microfibre cloth, then wipe interior surfaces.
• AIR FRESHENER: Spray as often as desired.
• DIFFUSER: Add 5 drops of concentrate.

Solubiliser, Organic essential oils of Clove*, Eucalyptus*, Lemon*, Tea tree*, Rosemary*, Lavender*, Sage and Thyme*
*Certified Organic ACO

Comes in 4 options:

  • 50ml Concentrate (Makes 15 bottles – $4.80 per bottle) – $72
  • 1 x Spray Bottle (empty) + 50ml Concentrate – $90
  • 2 x Spray Bottle (empty) + 50ml Concentrate – $104
  • 3 x Spray Bottle (empty) + 50ml Concentrate – $114

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