Natalie Woodman, affectionately known as the ‘Gut Engineer’, is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Naturopath who has extensive knowledge of the Gut Microbiome.

The Gut Microbiome is your inner ecosytem and consists of trillions of microorganisms outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1, with over 3 million bacterial genes vs 22,000 human genes.

Restoring your Gut Microbiome is the key to optimal health, increased energy, the end of yo-yo dieting and weight problems, eliminating allergies, saying goodbye to aches and pains, balanced moods, balanced hormones, no more cravings or digestive issues.

Natalie’s Gut Re-Balancing Protocol restores and re-balances the Gut Microbiome: your Inner Garden – your Ecosystem. The stronger and more diverse your Inner Ecosystem; the healthier you are.

The reason is that the Gut Microbiome performs all these functions (and more)…

  • Optimizes gastrointestinal health.
  • Regulates appetite.
  • Helps you effortlessly maintain an ideal weight by optimizing metabolism.
  • Breaks down food and extracts vitamins & minerals.
  • Builds a gut immunity barrier. 70-80% of immune cells are within the intestines.
  • Improves mood and sleep. 90% of neurotransmitter Serotonin production.
  • Generates Vitamin B, “the body’s own Berocca”.
  • Produces Vitamin K, regulating blood calcium levels and blood clotting.
  • The body’s source of natural antibiotics.

Over time; stress, alcohol, direct or indirect antibiotic ingestion, pesticides, personal and home care products, environmental toxins, pain killers, antihistamines, foods with additives & preservatives, high meat consumption and second-hand hormones increase detrimental bacteria and decrease beneficial bacteria species resulting in an IMBALANCED Gut Microbiome.

When your Gut Microbiome struggles, you struggle. When it flourishes, you flourish.

With Natalie’s intimate knowledge of anatomy and medical science she will work closely with you to re-balance your Gut Microbiome and set you on the path to long-term health with her Gut Re-Balancing Protocol. Group and Individual Programs available (see FEES tab below).

A published author, weekly radio host of a Health and Wellness program, television presenter and newspaper contributor, Natalie is also the creator of VOI Organic Plant-Based Skin, Body and Home Products. She is a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) and the Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council (CMPAC).

It takes commitment and a willingness to change to make the shift to long term optimal health.

If you’re looking for a “detox”  or “quick fix”, then read no further. If you’re thinking, “I’m in… but I’m not giving up X, Y or Z”, then again, this is not for you.

This protocol is not about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, it’s about the essential foods required to create your lush inner garden, the foundation of long-term optimal health. It gives you the tools to completely transform your health: from meal plans and recipes to shopping lists. Coupled with coaching, it nourishes the important “why” and “how” factors, with expert tutoring throughout this important transition to healthy, conscious eating.

Prior to joining the Protocol, Natalie requires all clients to book a 20-min [complimentary] phone/skype call. Why? Because she is serious about transforming your health and only wants to work with you if you’re interested in doing the same. It’s also important for you to be comfortable with me, to see if we’re a fit, and if this protocol is right for you.

To Book Your Complimentary 20-minute Phone/Skype call click…HERE

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  • Saturdays: Group classes held in the afternoon.

If your work schedule precludes the times above, don’t worry, Natalie will do her best to accommodate you.

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*Rebates apply from most Health Funds for those carrying appropriate levels of cover. Private Patients only.

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