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White Australian clay (kaolin)

White Australian clay is a mild powder which removes excess oil without removing the skin’s own natural oil mantle. It draws out dirt and toxins from the skin while exfoliating and improving skin circulation.

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White tea extract* (camellia sinensis)

White tea is the buds and young leaves of the green tea plant, as opposed to green tea which is made from the older leaves. Containing high quantities of polyphenols it aids in strengthening and repairing the skin.

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Willow bark extract* (salix alba)

Willow bark contains salicylic acid a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) which is a natural exfoliant that removes old and dead skin cells revealing new fresh skin cells. In addition, Willow bark has anti-inflammatory, soothing and conditioning properties making it ideal for sensitive, blemished and aging skin.

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Wintergreen oil* (gaultheria fragrantissima wall)

This wonderful oil has anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, antispasmodic and anti-rheumatic properties. It is excellent to help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with headaches, muscular pains, cramps, rheumatism and arthritis with its warming action.

Voi products containing this ingredient

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