image009Do you ever suffer from headaches, sneezing, eczema or asthma? Do you wonder what triggered it? Do you know that approximately one-third of fragrances used to make cleaners smell ‘nice’ are toxic? Go and read the label on your cleaner. Are there any hazard symbols? Does it say “irritant”, “poison” or “do not ingest” etc.? Doesn’t this make your alarm bells go off? A 2007 study in the ‘American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care’ revealed that cleaning sprays induced asthma in individuals as they were found to linger in the air, which caused low-grade inflammation. Another 2009 study conducted at the ‘University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine’ showed that after cleaning with ordinary cleaning products symptoms worsened in asthma sufferers. So what’s the answer? Bin them! Make your own! Make the move to improving your health (and the environment).

BENCH/KITCHEN SPRAY: Mix ¼ cup of water-soluble eucalyptus oil mixed with ¾ cup of water in a spray bottle.

BATHROOM/TOILET CLEANER: Dust the area with bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), spray on a little white vinegar, watch it fizz then wipe clean