image028Following up from our Day 12 Health tip “STAND UP AND MOVE” now it’s time to MOVE some more. You’ve heard it before I know…”Exercise is good for aerobic fitness, mental health (endorphins), weight loss, gives skin a natural glow etc. etc.” but how many of you regularly exercise?? (Feel free to comment).

The most common excuse I hear from clients is…”I have no time to exercise”. Well sorry folks, you can no longer use that as an excuse because TABATA will only take you 4 mins (actually only 2 mins & 40 secs of intense exercise). TABATA (by Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata in 1996) is HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (HIIT). Australian Family Physician (Dec 2012) published a finding that revealed High intensity interval training (Tabata) resulted in a significant reduction in subcutaneous fat, chiefly abdominal fat. So, if you want an exercise that is quick to do, you can do anywhere, will improve aerobic & anaerobic capacity and help you lose that visceral layer of fat then you need to do this.

As a beginner, perform the intense exercise intervals at a moderate intensity and gradually increase to a high-intensity level. You can jog on the spot, go up and down stairs, sprint, skip rope, do star jumps – whatever you like. Remember to do a five-minute cool-down at the end of your workout – short leisurely walk around the block. Allow 2 days in-between Tabata sessions. Download the TABATA TIMER APP. for your mobile (Free) and start today (no excuses).

CAUTION: If you are new to exercise or have a health condition, then you should consult with a health professional as you may require specific assessment or instruction before commencing a HIIT (Tabata) program.