image034When it’s cold outside, all you feel like doing (if you’re like me) is having a warm shower and getting into your PJ’s at 6pm, eating a BIG hearty hot dinner and then hitting the sack. While that’s good for the soul, it’s a time of year that those kilo’s creep on as they are hidden under all those layers of thick woolly clothes. Here are a few simple tips to keep your weight in a manageable range over the winter…. 

  • Weigh yourself once a week. Studies reveal that individuals that are aware of their weight i.e. ‘self-regulation’ and record their weight, have better success in losing and managing their ‘desired’ weight.
  • Drink more water and herbal teas. In winter we tend not to drink as much water and confuse our ‘thirst’ with ‘hunger’ and eat more.
  • Eat slowly. We’re cold, we’re hungry so we scoff our food like a crazed animal! Slow down. Put your knife, fork, and spoon down between mouthfuls. Eating slowly gives your brain time to receive the message its full (20 mins) and therefore we eat less.
  • Exercise. It only takes 4 minutes and only have to do it every second day (see DO TABATA). It’ll also heat you up making you warmer all night! You can’t use the ‘rain’ and ‘cold’ as an excuse as you can jog on the spot, or do star jumps, while watching your favourite program on TV.