image020Our skin is our largest organ and is one of our elimination pathways releasing up to 1kg of sweat, water and toxins a day. If the skin is clogged through a build-up of dead skin cells or toxins clogged in pores it puts additional stress on the liver and kidneys. The action of dry skin brushing brushes away dead skin cells which opens up this method of elimination for the body to fully utilize.

Done regularly, dry skin brushing improves circulation, brightens the complexion, and stimulates the lymphatic system – the primary vehicle for elimination. In addition, dry skin brushing eliminates dead skin cells so that the new layer, which is regenerated daily, can come to the surface, making the skin soft and smooth.


Dry skin brushing starts with dry skin and a firm, dry brush with natural bristles. The best time to skin brush is before a bath or shower. For optimal results, skin brush every day.
Start at your feet; brush your skin in an upward movement towards your heart as it facilitates detoxification. Move up your legs and then brush your back and stomach, again brushing towards your heart. Finally, brush your arms and upper body, using strokes toward the heart. Brush for a few minutes each day and within a few weeks you’ll start to notice an improvement. You’ll want to brush hard enough so that your skin turns lightly red, but not hard enough to cause pain or irritation. Your skin may feel tender at first, but if you continue to brush your skin on a regular basis, you will soon feel the benefits.

It is imperative that the brushing be carried out when your body is dry. The brush should also be kept dry so that the bristles don’t become soft and lose their effect.