image064In my HEALTH AND WELLBEING articles I predominantly talk about nutrition, and some fitness, but usually don’t delve into mental health. For those of you that know me – you can probably understand why! 🙂

I recently listened to a great TED talk about EMOTIONAL FIRST AID. It talked about that when we cut or injure ourselves we put a Band-Aid or bandage on it. And if we have an infection we tend to it by improving our diet, by taking supplements or a course of antibiotics. But when it comes to our mental health most of us ignore it. As an example, when we’re lonely or experience failure we are told to ‘move on’, ‘get over it’, ‘toughen up’ etc. But we really need to learn how to practice emotional first aid.  Here’s a great TED talk to listen to that will help equip with you with some skills.