image015What’s one simple thing you can do to increase your metabolism and improve your skin? Add CINNAMON to your diet every day. Here are just some of the amazing things that Cinnamon can do…

  • It’s high in Manganese which is an enzyme co-factor used to make collagen (structure of skin), thus BETTER SKIN INTEGRITY.
  • It INCREASES YOUR METABOLISM, increases lean muscle mass and helps to decrease % of body fat.
  • It has a super high ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) rating. Making it an AMAZING ANTIOXIDANT.
  • AIDS DIGESTION by increasing enzyme secretions.
  • Valuable source of FIBRE which feeds beneficial bacteria and in turn improves digestive health.

Ways to enjoy. Either in stick form or ground cinnamon….

  • Sprinkle on top of your porridge.
  • Sprinkle on top of buttered whole wheat toast with honey.
  • Add to your vegetarian chilli mix.
  • Sauté your lamb or chicken in it before adding to stew.
  • Add to soups and curries
  • Add to your bliss balls or Goji Slice (See Voi Recipe page)
  • Mix with tea or hot chocolate.
  • Mix grated fresh ginger, cinnamon & honey in hot water for a super yummy night time drink.

CAUTION: Do not consume over 1 teaspoon a day. Very high doses may be toxic. Talk to your doctor first if you take any medications or suffer from a health condition.