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98% Organic, 100% Natural, this plant based insect repellent contains pure organic essential oils known for their naturally high insect repellent properties. Extracts of Olive leaf, comfrey, calendula and chamomile helps to soothe, protect and hydrate skin. *Not suitable for use on babies under 3mths of age (from due date).

Spray directly onto skin or spray on hands and wipe over desired area. Use more often in areas of high humidity or when you perspire a great deal. Reapply after swimming or showering. Avoid use when pregnant. Use on extremities only, not near breasts, when lactating.

Should not be used on broken skin or near mouth, eyes, nose, and reproductive organs

Although Bimbi products are organic and natural a skin test is always recommended prior to use. Apply a pea-sized amount to the inside of your baby/child’s upper arm and check every 10 minutes, up to 40 minutes, for an allergic reaction. Do not use if any irritation develops.

Keep all products that contain essential oils out of reach of babies and children. If your baby/child accidentally ingests DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Call your GP, poisons centre or emergency room for professional health advice.

Rose Otto Hydrosol*, natural solubiliser, citronella oil*, peppermint oil*, lavender oil*, geranium oil*, comfrey extract*, olive leaf extract*, calendula extract*, chamomile extract*, lemon oil*, lemongrass oil*, cedarwood atlas oil*, tea tree oil*. *Certified organic, Certified Cruelty Free.

50ml – $22.00


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