To pick, or not to pick - that is the Question (1)THE ANSWER…

Pick if it’s ready, BUT pick it properly!!

FIRST establish if it’s ready

If it’s a flaming red mass with no head, it isn’t ready. And if you push, prod and pick at it you are going to end up with either a crater on your face, a pimple the size of Mt Everest with a localised infection. So, be patient, apply a warm compress to the area and let it either come to a head or go away – let’s face it either way is a win!

If it is ready, then follow these simple steps…

  1. Cleanse your face. Never start picking (although tempting) on an uncleansed face as the bacteria present on the skin spread and you’ll get 5 more pimples to replace the one you are about to pop!
  2. Get a warm flannel or cotton pad and hold it on the pimple for about 2-3 minutes. This opens up the pore (like opening the door to push it out!)
  3. Gently pull the skin in an outwards direction (yes out, not pushing in) and see if the pimple pops this way. This is the BEST way as it stops bacteria from spreading under the skin.
  4. If the pimple doesn’t pop this way but you feel it is SO NEAR, then get a couple of cotton buds (Q-tips) and gently push the skin around the pimple – this should pop it.
  5. If you have tried the above and it hasn’t popped, it’s not ready! So stop and come back to it later when it may be ready. Don’t keep pushing as you will end up with a scar! 6. Cleanse the face again and then apply the REPAIR and RESTORE TREATMENT SERUM for to speed up healing.

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